Marco Krauwinkel, Dordrecht 1980

’The light is what I paint, without light you aren't able to create form on a flat surface’

 As a child he was always exploring the world and busy creating things. He also did some drawing and made music on the piano and guitar. He is a selftaught artist. When he grew older he wanted to go to art school or the academy for musicians. His parents didn’t stimulate his creative aspirations. So, he went to a technical school and became a car mechanic. Because he liked to learn hiself things and to help others developing in life, he started a technical teaching education and taught adolescents for about ten years. It was a busy job and he started painting after visiting the Rijksmuseum. He was impressed by the old-master paintings and wanted to paint like that. He visited more museums, bought art books, and started to paint. He learned about the importance of darkness and light, materials, saturated colors and how to create form on a flat surface.  

His work is international recognized.


M  a  r  c  o     K  r  a  u  w  i  n  k  e  l


Traditional fine art


© 2018 by Marco Krauwinkel.

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